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Time Schedule for Western Oireachtas 2021 
coming soon!


Stage Conditions

Please check with your T.C.R.G for updates on stage conditions at Oireachtas 2021


Teacher, Parent, Spectator Information

Daily Schedule

All U14 and lower age groups will be held on Friday, November 19th.

Trad sets, Ceili and Adult competitions will be held on Saturday, November 20th.

All age groups U15 & up will take place on Sunday , November


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Oireachtas 2021 Syllabus


Western Oireachtas 2021 Safety Guidelines and Procedures


Oireachtas 2021 Room Block Link


Please CLICK HERE for the attendee block.


Reservations open Wednesday, Sept. 15th


Will NOT be live until 9:00 a.m. PST, 10:00 MST

Room rate is $155 per night excluding applicable taxes and fees.


Adjudicators & Musicians

Adjudicator List


  • Ryan Carroll  

  • Noelle Curran 

  • Kathy Dennehy

  • Sean Flynn

  • Terry Gillan

  • J.J. Hester

  • John Jennings

  • Kerry Kelly Oster

  • Michael Kenny

  • Coleen Mulhern

  • Niall O'Leary

  • Philip Owens

  • Mary Lou Schade

  • Edward Searle

  • Amy Siegel


  • Merv Bell

  • Danny Burke

  • Brian Glynn

  • Pat King

  • Louis Le Mesurier

  • Chris McLoughlin

  • Martin Morrisey

  • Niall Mulligan

  • Sean Warren

  • Regan Wick

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