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Phoenix, Arizona Nov 17th-19th,2023


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Competition Procedures for Solo Championships

Western U.S. Regional Oireachtas 2023

PLEASE NOTE: There will be 3 columns in program book next to line number/dancer for you to write in each dancers number you wish to record.

• Adjudicator panel draw will take place at 7:15 am on stage the Grand Back ballroom. The public is welcome to witness this draw.

• Competitor numbers will not be listed in the program book.

• Competitors will wear a different number for each round, color-coded by round.

• Each competitor will have a line number next to their name in the program.

• The starting line number for each round will be displayed side-stage.

• Competitors perform in the order listed in the program, to ensure dancers from the same or associated schools are separated.

• Competitors will wear a random number. For example, dancer 149 may dance with 182.

• Competitor numbers for Round 1 will be available for collection side-stage at approximately 7:15 am. Line number will be on the back of each number.

• For those of you that would like to witness the judges draw, that will be in Grand Back at 7:15. Competitors will NOT be allowed in the front row.

• For concurrent competitions, competitor numbers will be available 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time at a registration desk at the back of the ballroom.

• Competitor numbers for Round 2 will be available side-stage 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

• Competitor numbers for Round 3 will be available side-stage after the recall is announced.

• Recalls will be announced using the number assigned for Rnd. 2.

• Results will be announced using the number assigned for Rnd. 3.

Hotel Block Info

  • All Reservations will be made online via a Reservation Link  – They will not be accepting reservations over the phone this year. 

  • One room per guest – Any reservations with multiple rooms will be cancelled until further notice from the Group. 

  • Everyone is expected to stay in the block, hotel reservations will be cross checked against dancer entries and the facility usage fee of $100 will be charged per day to anyone staying outside of the block. 

Stage Conditions

Stage Conditions

Championship stages will be 24 deep x 40 wide.
Championship dancers "Girls" U15 and up will perform 2 at a time in heavy and light shoe, and 1 at a time for the set round.
Championship dancers "Girls" U14 and under will perform 3 at a time in heavy round, 2 at a time in Light round, and 1 at a time in set round. 
Boys and Girls U9 & U8 will dance 3 at a time in Heavy and 2 at a time in Light shoe and in traditional set round.
Adults will perform 2 at a time in heavy and light rounds, 2 at a time in traditional set round.
Traditional set competitions will dance 2 at a time.
Four hand competitions will perform 2 at a time.
Eight hand competitions will perform 1 at a time.


Award Ceremonies

Parade of Champions will take place in the Awards room at end of the evening's award ceremony.


Award Ceremonies
Daily Schedule


Oireachtas Syllabus

Oireachtas 2023 Syllabus &
Western Region Confined Mini Feis


Program pre orders will open on October 1st, we will have a limited number available at the event. Check the map below for 
pick up times & location.


Program pick up

Adjudicators & Musicians

Adjudicator List

Conor Ayres

Jenny Bailey Murray

Roisin Cahalan

Caitlin Carolan

Devin Cornell

Mary Kate Conrad

Rachael Franzen

Barb Goggin

Jennifer Healy

Sarah Irwin

Ann Johnston

Rita Maguire

Bláthnaid McCaul

Mark McCole

Eilis McKenna

Ailis O'Dowda

Patrick O'Hare

Karyn Oster

Nichola Quinn

Francis Ward


Krista Charles

Eric Crone

Louis Le Mesurier

Chris McLoughlin

Martin Morrisey

Niall Mulligan

Shannon Quinn

Sean Warren



Conway's Irish

Siopa Brog

Roisin Rince

Target Training

Celtic Curls

Eire Beauty

Shamrock Photo West

Feis Fit

Moffitt Cottage Marketplace

Dance Irish

Tanned by Molly

Claddagh Gifts

Northwest Design

Camelia Rose

Site Map

Site Map

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