San Francisco Nov 18-20th,2022

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Dear WUSR Oireachtas parents and dancers,

Please note below changes to simplify the Oireachtas and mini-feis entries.


1. Oireachtas & Mini Feis entries will now open on September 19th. TEACHERS or authorized representative MUST DO OIREACHTAS ENTRIES. Entrants or teachers may enter the Mini feis.

2. Oireachtas entries and changes will close on October 8th.

3. Late fees apply after October 8th until October 15. Changes to paid entries may be made with no additional fee until October 15. Late fees will be $40 per dancer.

4. Traditional Set Championships are part of the Oireachtas.

5. Oireachtas entrants will not print their own numbers. They will be printed by TCRG's.

MINI-FEIS - OPEN TO WUSR Region Dancers Only

1. Entrants or teachers may enter in Oireachtas mini-feis which is a separate event and print their own numbers.

2. The mini-feis entries will open September 8th.

3. Mini-feis late date is November 4. A late fee applies after that date. Paid entries may be changed with no fee until November 8. The late fee is $20 per dancer.

4. The mini-feis will close November 4th.

5. Changes to category in mini-feis due to moving up must be made by November 8th by entrant or teacher..

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Pat Hall, WUSR Director


Stage Conditions


Stages TBD.
Championship dancers "Girls" U15 and up will perform 2 at a time in heavy and light shoe, and 1 at a time for the set round.
Championship dancers "Girls" U14 and under will perform 3 at a time in heavy round, 2 at a time in Light round, and 1 at a time in set round. 
Boys and Girls U9 & U8 will dance 3 at a time in Heavy and Light shoe, 2 at a time in traditional set round.
Adults will perform 2 at a time in heavy and light rounds, 2 at a time in traditional set round.
Traditional set competitions will dance 2 at a time.
Four hand competitions will perform 2 at a time.
Eight hand competitions will perform 1 at a time.



Teacher, Parent, Spectator Information

Award Ceremonies

Parade of Champions will take place in the Awards room at end of the evening's award ceremony.



Daily Schedule

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Oireachtas 2022 Syllabus
Western Region Confined Mini Feis


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Adjudicators & Musicians

Adjudicator List

Christine Ayres

Liam Ayres

Russell Beaton

Michael Belvitch

Kristin Butke

Meghan Carpenter

Ryan Carroll

Cara Casey O Loughlin

Nora Corrigan

Francis Curley

Dearbhla Fay

Sarah Irwin

Owen MacAuley

Marcus Maloney

Don McCarron

James McCutcheon

Claire McMorrow

David Moore

Eddie Murphy

Jackie O'Leary Fanning

Neill Reagan

Ellen Riordan

Chris Ryan

Mary Sweeney

Byron Tuttle


Chris McLoughlan &  Martin Morrisey

Shannon Quinn & Louis LeMesurier

Niall Mulligan & Danny Burke

Sean Warren & Martin Garfield Levine

Sean Cleland & Merv Bell

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